Chapter 04: Voluntariness (Audio enabled)

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  1. paida2 says:

    Dear Prof

    I have discovered that i can’t really distinguish between voluntariness and capacity. At times the definition seems to be somewhat connected. Could you please clarify what the difference between the two is and how one can distinguish between the two when faced with an exam question. Thank you

    • James Grant says:

      On Capacity and Involuntariness

      Well spotted – they will seem similar because they overlap. You’ll have to wait until we get to capacity before I can explain, or read my thesis (if you can’t sleep).

    • Thabang says:

      Criminal law

      Dear prof

      Can u please give me a brief discription of the facts in these case.In R v Dhlamini 1955 (1) SA 120(T)…Thank you

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